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STEM Scouts

child participating in STEM Scouts

Do you have a burgeoning engineer or scientist in your house? STEM Scouts is a great way to channel that interest and energy. Our STEM Scouts program for boys and girls in elementary school and middle school is an opportunity to students to work as a team to learn about and solve problems in Physics, Electronics, Chemistry, Biology, and other science disciplines. 

Interested in being part of STEM Scouts? For more info, contact Howard Lichtman at 301.580.7190 or

Sample STEM Scout Programs


Into the Wild (Wildlife Sciences) 
Warm blood, cold blood, bones or no bones, these Scouts will go into the wild to discover the variety of animals that inhabit our planet. Scouts will first explore the biomes of this world and then determine which animal calls each biome home. From there, they will get their “gloves dirty” to experience the food chain in person by dissecting an owl pellet and investigate various bird adaptations. Scouts will get to see how long an alligator actually is, discover which amphibian is clear, and end by building an 
aquatic marine biome ecosystem, also known as a coral reef!

A Flying Fluid (Aerodynamics) 
The fluid dynamics of air can be, well, quite the flight! In this module, Scouts will explore fluid dynamics, the study of the flow of liquids and gasses. They will learn how fluids exert forces on moving objects. Using the Engineering Design Process to design various prototype wind vehicles, Scouts will be hands-on in the realm of fluid dynamics! 


Engineering Solutions (Engineering) 
Scouts will explore engineering by learning and applying the engineering design process. From invention to prototype building and from biomedical engineering to water filtration, Scouts will discover engineering fields that might not always come to mind! 


Ancient Archaeology (Archaeology sciences) 
In this module, Scouts will build on their knowledge of archaeology. From making their own artifacts to mummifying an apple, Scouts will understand that archaeology draws on many scientific practices and will be able to explain why the study of archaeology is an important science. They will end by putting together a time capsule for someone in the future to find and 
learn about what life was like today. 


Bubbleology (Material Science) 
Material engineers are people who use their understanding of different materials (such as metals, plastics or wood) to make things that solve problems. In this module, Scouts will experiment with many different materials that can be used to make bubble wands and discover the chemistry behind bubbles! Using the Scientific Method and the Engineering Design Process, Scouts will become material engineers as they consider which materials are best for making different kinds of bubbles as well as experiment with creating their own bubble solution. They will then use their new skills and knowledge to perform their very own bubble presentation demonstration.

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