Rockville Science Day Canceled Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Regrettably because of the coronavirus outbreak, we are postponing Rockville Science Day 2020 to a later date in summer or fall 2020. The Rockville Science Center can be a catalyst for science literacy.  We can help weather the storm and prepare for the future.


Bob Ekman, Rockville Science Center

Trustee President



Rockville Science Day
We will reschedule the 31st Rockville Science Day, at Montgomery College for a future date. The event will feature a variety of science and technology-related exhibits, activities, games and demos. Activities and exhibits will include rocket-building (and launching), telescope viewing, all kinds of robots, backyard wildlife, ship models, microscopes, snakes, oyster farming, Botball, stream science, Civil War medical practice, coding challenges, math puzzles, chemistry in action (flames, explosions & reactions), electric vehicle demos, quadcopters, archaeology mini-digs, 3D printing, and brain games , and more!

Here are some photos from previous Science Days