The Rockville Science Center was proud to be a partner in this event. Special thanks to the staff of the City of Gaithersburg and the Gaithersburg Community Museum, who moved the Sun, Moon, and Stars to make this event possible. The event was visited by over 3000 people. This once in a lifetime event was spectacular. The weather was perfect. In our area we saw 80% totality. The next eclipse in our region will be in 2024.


Gaithersburg MD. Photo by O. H. Lichtman,


Photo by Y. C. Gridley


Reflection of sky on sun filter. Photo by Y. C. Gridley.


Rockville Science Center Kiosk. Photo by Y. C. Gridley


Waiting for Solar Eclipse Glasses. Photo by Y. C. Gridley.


Eclipse progress projected onto a sheet of paper from a telescope. Photo by Y. C. Gridley.



STEM Activity Tables. From left to right, Gravity Well, Earth Masks, and Eclipse Shadow Demonstration. Photos by Y. C. Gridley.


Columbia SC. Photo by Robert E. Gough

One of our Rockville Science Center members traveled to get a better view of the eclipse. Mr. Gough took this picture in the region of totality, in Columbia, SC.


0217 Eclipse. Photo by John Edgar, Tusted Exposures Photography Studio.


Minneapolis, MN. Photo by Association of Science-Technology Centers