PHOTO: Gathered to celebrate Rockville Science Center’s partnership with U.S. Pharmacopeia on January 19, 2016 (L->R): Nancy L. DeLalio, AIA (Member, RSC Board of Trustees), Tracy Dove, Ph.D. (Treasurer, RSC Board of Trustees), Anthony Lakavage, J.D. (Senior Vice President, USP), Judy E. Ackerman, Ph.D. (Secretary, RSC Board of Trustees), Robert “Bob” Ekman (President, RSC Board of Trustees), Philip S. Justus, Ph.D., L.G. (Member, RSC Board of Trustees), Ron Piervincenzi, Ph.D. (Chief Executive Officer, USP), Jaap Venema, Ph.D., (Chief Science Officer, USP), Bridget Newton (Mayor of Rockville), Virginia Onley (Rockville Councilmember), Sidney Katz (Councilmember, Montgomery County Council), Mark Pierzchala (Rockville Councilmember), Soo Lee-Cho, Esq. (Vice President, Board of Trustees), Adam Coonin (Member, RSC Board of Trustees)

Rockville Science Center Celebrates New Ties With U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention


Contact: Helen Triolo

Rockville, Md., January 21, 2016 — Local officials from Rockville and Montgomery County joined over 200 area scientists and science enthusiasts at the headquarters of the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) on Tuesday evening, January 19, to help celebrate a new partnership between that organization and Rockville Science Center (RSC).

Highlights of the evening included the presentation of a $10,000 check by Ron Piervincenzi, Ph.D., chief executive officer of USP, to RSC Board of Trustees President Robert Ekman, a gift that will be used to help keep Rockville Science Center’s many programs operating, and towards RSC’s goal of establishing a regional science center in Rockville.

USP presentation of check to RSC

CEO Ron Piervincenzi of U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention presents a check to Rockville Science Center’s President Robert Ekman

In addition to this financial support, USP has pledged to provide in-kind support to RSC by making its headquarters Meetings Center periodically available for RSC activities until a permanent location is established. “This gift from USP and their in-kind offers exceeded our expectations and is a very welcome gift to the science community of Rockville”, remarked Dr. Tracy Dove, RSC Board of Trustees, who led the RSC 2.0 Initiative to bring the community together for brainstorming sessions in summer of 2015.

The evening also featured a special version of one of RSC’s most popular events, Science Cafe, which is held monthly, is open to the public and features scientists who engage non-scientific audiences in conversation, debate and interaction. Tuesday’s event featured presenter Dr. Michael Ackerman, a bioengineer recently retired from the National Library of Medicine, who spoke about The Visible Human Project, the development of which he led at NLM in the 1990’s. The image dataset acquired by cryosectioning has subsequently been used for a variety of 3D modelling and educational applications around the world; Dr. Ackerman related that NLM still receives upward of five licensing requests for the dataset per week.

At the event, Rockville Science Center also announced the publication of its Vision Statement and Prospectus. Outlining RSC’s past achievements and future possibilities, the document looks at the benefits to be brought to the Rockville area community by the introduction of a physical facility, including better support for STEM education, further advancement of Rockville’s reputation as an attractive location for STEM companies, economic benefits for nearby businesses, and social benefits to the community by growing the local scientific workforce and building a community focused on education and sharing ideas. The report includes specifics about what is desired in the new Center and contains architectural drawings of sites in the area that are being considered for the Center.

From its beginnings in 1989, when a group of science-minded Rockville area residents who shared a passion for raising awareness about the importance of science and science education came together to form the Rockville Science Consortium, Rockville Science Center has grown to an organization that serves thousands of school children, college students, and adults in the area through its robotics programs, summer camps, Science Cafes and outreach programs. RSC looks forward to partnering with USP to provide even more opportunities for all segments of the Rockville community to learn about and engage in scientific endeavor, and to bring a physical Science Center to Rockville.


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Rockville Science Center Vision Statement and Prospectus

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