We are pleased to announce that the Rockville Science Center Board of Trustees and the City of Rockville are presently engaged in discussions with the owners of property located at 41 Maryland Avenue (southwest corner of Maryland Ave. and E. Middle Lane) to design, develop and construct a build-to-suit science center facility that will serve as the long-term permanent home of the Rockville Science Center.
A newly constructed facility located in the heart of Rockville Town Center promises to meet ALL of the Science Center’s present and future programmatic needs and achieve the RSC’s goal of creating a dynamic interactive facility in Rockville that will serve as a regional destination for science enthusiasts of all ages.
We look forward to working hand-in-hand with the City and the property owners to make this incredible opportunity a reality for Rockville’s residents and businesses in the very near future.
Thank you for your ongoing support of the Science Center and please stay tuned for more details on this very exciting development.


Rockville Science Center Board of Trustees